Hospice Cabins

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If you wonder what to do in Guadalajara, you will find dozens of activities and attractions to add to your travel list. One of the most emblematic buildings is the Hospicio Cabañas, dating from the 19th century, designed by the sculptor and architect Manuel Tolsá. The sick, evicted and orphans were cared for at this site from 1810 to 1980. This building was declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO in 1997. The establishment built to be the “House of Charity and Mercy of Guadalajara” has 23 patios, 78 corridors, two chapels and 106 rooms. Numerous exhibitions of artists such as David Alfaro Siqueiros, Dolores Álvarez Bravo and Yoko Ono have been held here. This site is currently the Cabañas Cultural Institute. Inside you will find 57 frescoes that the muralist José Clemente Orozco was commissioned to paint on its dome.

Guadalajara's Cathedral

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The Basilica of the Asunción de María Santísima or Guadalajara Cathedral is a fascinating site. Its architecture contemplates various styles such as neoclassical, baroque and gothic, and all this can be seen in its towers. Located in the Historic Center of Guadalajara, it was erected in 1561 by orders of King Felipe II of Spain. This Catholic site was one of the most important during New Spain, completed by the architect Martín Casillas, after several difficulties in its construction. This cathedral has undergone various modifications because during the earthquakes that have occurred over time, it registered irreparable damage. In both 1905 and 1965, it was rebuilt in the dome part. Now it is a place whose architecture has gained notoriety for its variety of styles.

Chapala Lake

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Watching the sunset, taking a photo in the letters of Chapala, walking along the pier or connecting with nature, are some of the activities you must do in Lake Chapala, the largest natural lake in Mexico, the little corner of love and one of the most important attractions in Guadalajara. The lake is located within the Municipality of Chapala, it is surrounded by volcanic cones and domes. The place offers many natural attractions and different activities to do as a family. It is recommended to wear comfortable clothes and shoes to walk along its boardwalk, contemplate the lake and observe the imposing mountain range, losing sight of the beautiful postcard without reaching the shore to the east.